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The highest safety standards in the industry

Reduce risk: to your employees, your property and your reputation

We understand: your business has stringent safety standards. The safety of your staff, your buildings and your assets is of paramount importance to you.

And even though drones are safer than sending your people up to work from heights, you still need to be 100% sure your drone operator uses accredited safety systems and upholds the highest safety standards.

That’s exactly why so many businesses choose Hoverscape.

Peace of mind

When you choose Hoverscape, you choose safety. We have the highest safety standards in the industry.

We are CASA-certified and safety accredited. We operate with stringent safety systems, work practices and a culture of safety – all to reduce your risk and give you peace of mind.

Our safety credentials

Hoverscape was built on a discipline of safety. We were founded by experienced commercial airline pilots with extensive knowledge of aviation regulations and safety protocols.

We follow a robust safety management system that complies with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations and Safe Work Australia guidelines. Our safety manual suite is formatted to Australian Standard AS4801.

We have entered a strategic partnership with the Safety Australia Group, working together to further galvanise our commitment to workplace health and safety. This ensures a safe workplace for our team members, and a safe process and outcome for you.

Our safety systems are audited by independent safety accreditors. This gives you peace of mind that we maintain best practices in safety management and implementation.

In fact, our safety protocols are so strong that CASA has granted us special clearance to undertake projects from locations and in conditions that others cannot.

In addition, Hoverscape is OHS/WHS prequalified by CM3. This means OHS/WHS specialists from Greencap, leading specialists in health and safety risk management, have assessed our safety systems and safety management processes.

We have an experienced in-house safety team. These are trained specialists who ensure every risk is managed and minimised. If you have special safety requirements, we have the expertise and resources to meet those with minimal delay.

How does all of this help you get your job done?

By saving you time, money and stress.

When you work with Hoverscape you don’t need to worry about safety. You have confidence that all regulatory requirements and operational risks are expertly managed.

Plus, our safety management saves you time – both prior to operation and onsite. A Safe operation means an efficient, highly productive operation. In fact, 90% of our safety and risk analysis is completed before we fly. This increases our efficiency onsite, making our work quick and hassle-free for you.

You also save on the cost of potential workplace injuries and equipment damage. Drones are remotely operated and reduce the need for your people to work at heights, or to use scaffolding, rigging or EWPs. This reduces the risk of falls – one of the top causes of workplace injuries.

Hoverscape has some of the highest drone safety standards in Australia

Statistics and Research


fatal accidents resulting from falling from a height (2003 to 2015)


of workers who died in the construction industry died after falling from a height (2003 to 2015)


in annual costs to Australian business due to workplace injuries

Reference: Safe Work Australia

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Hoverscape’s safety management includes

Safety Management System (SMS)
Workplace Health and Safety System (WHS)
In-house accredited lead safety auditor
Safe work method statements (SWMS) tailored to your specific sites

Remotely piloted aircraft Operators Certificate (ReOC)
Staff hold valid White Cards & First Aid certificates
Full inventory of PPE including ARC rated clothing
Civil aviation safety authority approved maintenance schedules

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