When you need the helicopter perspective on our full frame professional DSLR.


The most effective aerial photography service for where drone’s can’t fly

Some area’s in metropolitan Sydney and Brisbane are restricted to operating a drone due to the proximity or large airports and air traffic. Other times you may need to capture wider and higher perspectives  that drones are unable to reach. By utilising Hoverscape’s aerial Helicopter service we have you covered for all of your aerial imagery requirements.

Beyond drone restricted area’s 

  • Capture photographs from heights above 400ft
  • Quickly capture your aerial photographs within drone restricted airspace
  • Cover large area’s quickly and efficiently
  • Access areas in close proximity to major airports

Capture every detail

  • Professional-quality cameras and lenses with large sensors allow for wide angles without any image distortion
  • Full frame and APSC-censored cameras available
  • High-resolution photos up to 36 mega-pixels – ideal for large format printing
  • RAW photo files provided, for greater flexibility in post production


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