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Our revolutionary new camera captures superior photo and video on our compact drone.

High-quality imagery from the air

    • Both video and photography can be captured in the same flight
    • Professional-quality camera lens without any image distortion
    • Get the sharpest definition video, shot in 4K on our micro four third sensor
    • High-resolution photos up to 16 mega-pixels
    • RAW photo files provided, for greater flexibility in post production

Single or dual operator shoot

    • Assisted by advanced technology, a highly-experienced drone pilot flies the drone and controls the camera
    • Alternatively get greater control and higher-quality creative output with a pilot and dedicated camera operator working in co-ordination
    • Adjustable camera settings allow full flexibility inflight
    • HD video link enables a live viewing feed on the ground

Advanced stabilisation technology

    • Purpose built gimbals for stabilisation, provide smooth footage, free of vibration or distortion
    • Enables us to capture jaw-dropping, 360-degree unobstructed views

Compact and nimble drone

    • Fast set-up on site
    • Most suitable drone for use in urban areas
    • Longest flight times to enable us capture maximum content in one flight
    • Can be operated in more confined spaces including indoors



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