HMAS Darwin returns home to Sydney

It may have began as a wet and foggy morning over Sydney Harbour, however nothing was going to stop the HMAS Darwin from making her grand arrival back to Garden Island this morning after 7 months at sea. As if on cue, the low cloud cleared just in time to capture stunning aerial drone imagery of the naval frigate berthing.

Hoverscape co-ordinated closely with the crew on-board to organise the safe operation our drones in close proximity to the warship, allowing us to capture unique aerial photographs and video of her arrival.

HMAS Darwin has been on a 7 month anti-piracy and anti-terrorism mission in the Middle East, aiming to cut finance to terrorist groups by intercepting weapons and drugs.

A special thank you to Navy Lieutenant Ken Brown, who assisted with the co-ordination of the operation and who’s partner was returning home aboard the ship- Lieutenant Commander Tina Brown who is the second in command on the warship.


Aerial photograph in Sydney Harbour

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