Mapping the Quarry

Today Hoverscape controllers Derek and Mitch took on a new challenge of mapping a large mine site, over 500,000 square meters in size. Using our autonomous aerial drone, a flight mission was pre-programmed, using over 30 grid lines and capturing over 700 photos.

The speed and efficiency in which the task was able to be completed was truly impressive. The entire mission was able to be completed in a little over an hour in flight time. Over the next 24 hours all of the collected data will be turned into highly detailed Orthomosaic maps, a Digital elevation model (DEM), a Contour map, a Hi resolution 3D map as well as volumetric analysis of the stockpiles and pits. All of these will be Geo-referenced using ground control points.

Courtesy of our partners at Propeller Aero, the data was able to be processed immediately after the mission, making the entire process an extremely efficient one. The detail and precision is unparalleled and no doubt the future of the mapping industry. A link to the results will be posted shortly, stay tuned!

Cm3 Approval for Hoverscape drones

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