New CASA drone regulations: How do the changes affect you?

How do the new CASA regulations impact consumers of drone services?

On the 29th September this year, CASA introduced new regulations that effectively relaxed licensing requirements for drones under 2kg.

These new regulations mean drones under 2kg can be operated for commercial purposes without requiring the operator to hold a Remote Piloted Aircraft Operator’s Certificate (ReOC).

So why does this matter? Why should you use a licensed drone operator?


An ReOC drone licence means that an operator has gone through a comprehensive safety review process by CASA that ensures the way they conduct operations, maintenance and manage risk has been carefully assessed and approved by CASA.

As part of this process, individual controller’s undergo rigorous training and induction processes and must comply with a comprehensive set of requirements (Operations Manual, Maintenance Manual, Flight Manuals, SMS) to ensure high standards are upheld across all facets of the operation

Using an experienced ReOC licence holder is essential to ensure high standards of safety and protect the reputation of your organisation.


ReOC license holders also have the flexibility to operate in locations and environments that are otherwise off limits to drones. This includes area’s of restricted airspace, such as around Sydney Harbour, at night, and in closer proximity to people or property than the general regulations allow. In addition, licensed operators can apply to CASA for further exemptions when necessary, such as flight above 400ft, or in controlled airspace.

Flexibility is especially important and a big advantage in urban areas such as cities where there are multiple restricted areas and many situations that require flying within proximity to people.


Drones under 2kg are only capable of carrying lightweight, consumer based camera equipment, which restricts the quality of photographs and video. Often, these camera’s aren’t suitable for varying lighting conditions, such as low light and high contrast scenarios.



Prior to September this year, all commercial drone operations (including under 2kg) could only be conducted by ReOC licence holders. This means ReOC holders have had extensive experience operating commercially and have a greater wealth of knowledge on planning and conducting commercial drone operations, resulting in a more seamless experience for the client and a higher quality end product.

So if safety, operational flexibility, capability and experience are important to you, make sure to use a ReOC licenced drone operator for your next project.

Hoverscape is proud to have been fully licensed since May 2013, conducting hundreds of flights using our drones across a diverse range of industries.

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