Take a break with: Derek Feebrey

This week we caught up with the CEO of Hoverscape Derek Feebrey and asked him……..


What would you do if you won the lottery?


Defiantly buy a yacht. A 50ft Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 Catamaran to be specific. Something tells me that maybe given this actual scenario way too much thought.


I know the old saying is “the two best days of owning a yacht are the day you buy it and the day you sell it”, but I wouldn’t care. I would just pull up somewhere like Whitehaven beach, set the anchor and not leave.


I couldn’t think of anything more relaxing. Early morning swims, seafood for lunch and afternoon cold brews on the front deck.


……Now that I think about the question, I hope it means a big lottery win and not just a $2 scratchy…….


What was your first job?


Like many kids my first job was at McDonalds in the old Ansett terminal when I was 15. I started off making McChicken’s and Fillet o Fish’s. In those days, you had to build up experience before you went on to making Big Mac’s and Cheeseburgers. (From memory it was called the 10to1 station as a patty was a 10th of a pound.)

It was good experience and pocket money for a young lad growing up.


What’s your favorite family recipe?


Lasagna for sure.


I have perfected it over the years, sometimes I use slow cooked shredded beef, sometimes in a hurry ill just use a mix of beef and pork mince. but my secret is chili. I Love it with a bit of a bite.


Another old family secret (not anymore I guess) was adding a touch of orange juice to the tomato based sauce. It adds a slight sweetness and acidity. Trust me you should try it.


How often do you buy clothes?


Ill be honest, clothes shopping is not something that interests me. I like to do as little a possible so if I need t-shirts ill buy 10 at a time. If I see a style of t-shirt I like, I’ll buy it all the different colours.


What are your top 3 music albums of all time?


Powderfinger – Odyssey No 5.

David Grey – White Ladder

Michael Franti – Spearhead.

I know they might be a little obscure, but I would defiantly recommend having a listen.


When did you first leave home and where did you go?


I was 20 and I had just finished my commercial pilots license where I made two great mates. We packed up and left for Broome in Western Australia where we began flying small 6 seater planes around the Kimberley’s.


It was an unforgettable time, and an amazing part of our country to see.


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