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Aerial Mapping and Survey

Highly accurate drone maps and survey on demand, in just a fraction of the time.

Drone Mapping and Survey

Hoverscape specialises in aerial mapping & modelling across a wide range of industries. Using our state of the art ground control system, we are able to provide you with precise and repeatable 3D reconstructions of any environment.

You will be given fast access to high-quality drone images and data without the need for file downloads. You’ll be able to view 3d maps and orthophotos in industry-standard geospatial formats within hours of the data-capture flight. The data can be easily accessed through an interactive, on-demand website, or directly in your GIS desktop package for seamless management of your projects in the office, or on the go.

Aerial Mapping With Ground Control

Our ground control aerial mapping service is great for those who want a 3D data set of their environment and require a high level of accuracy and repeatability. This service boasts accuracies of down to just 1 centimetre.


  • Survey grade accuracies
  • Improved repeatability over multiple data sets
  • Precise internal reconstruction
  • Accurate progress reporting and monitoring

Aerial Mapping Lite

Our lite aerial mapping service is great for those who want a 3D data set of their environment but do not necessarily need the accuracy nor repeatability of our ground control service.

Hoverscape has some of the highest drone safety standards in Australia

Available output formats include:

Vector terrain model .DXF
Point cloud data .LAZ/.LAS
Orthophoto .JPG .TIF
3D models .OBJ
Digital elevation model (DEM) and contour map generation
More available on request


Resolution of 3cm per pixel (Up to 15x higher resolution than Google earth)
X, Y, Z Internal accuracies up to 1cm, 1cm, 1cm (Average better than 5cm)
X, Y, Z Global accuracies up to 2cm, 2cm, 5cm (Average better than 10cm)
Data turn around <48Hrs
WGS84 CRS w/ AHD Heights
PPK non-intrusive ground control


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