5 tips for getting the best drone quote, first time

We know your time is precious, so we’ve put together 5 tips for getting an accurate quote with minimal hassle:

1) Location Location – As the saying goes, location is key. Providing an address allows us to check for any airspace restrictions that may prevent aerial operations in your area (such as around major airports). Our experienced team can advise you if any flying restrictions will apply, and make arrangements for permissions if possible. Providing an address also allows us to advise you if additional travel expenses will be applicable for your location.

2) Image Destination – There’s a wide range of camera options, but which one’s best for you? Letting us know how you will use your images, such as on your website or for print media allows us to recommend the most appropriate service and camera for your project. This means you’ll get everything you need and nothing you don’t!

Common uses:

  • Online media
  • Print advertising (brochures, magazines or newspapers)
  • Large scale printing (signboards, banners or billboards)
  • Film or TV projects

3) Project Scale – For some projects, how long the operator will need to be on-site or the size of the site will affect the quoted price. You might already have a time frame in mind (such as if you need an operator for a set time during an event) or it may need to be estimated by our Project co-ordinator. Providing information on the size of your site, such as the total land area or number of locations to be captured can allow us to estimate this quickly and easily.

4) The Post Production – As an option, our in-house team is available to professionally edit your photographs or produce ready to use video’s. Sharing your vision of the final product allows us to assess the time it will take an editor to turn your vision into reality, and what inclusions may be needed (such as music, graphics, special effects etc). Alternatively, we can hand over unedited video files or RAW photographs.

5) Supporting Documents – Our experienced team is here to make life easy for you. We can review site plans, maps, briefing documents or shot lists to gain a full understanding of your project and objectives. Simply attach any relevant documents or simply send us a link to your online files.

Finally, don’t forget we’re here to help! If you simply want to talk through your project or need some extra guidance, our friendly team are always happy to have a chat and guide you through the process.

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