Construction companies call on drones to deliver accurate reports

As technology is rapidly increasing every day, drones are bringing the construction industry into the future, allowing these companies to work smarter and faster then ever before.  It’s now not only the early adopters that are using drones to capture accurate aerial imagery of their construction sites. Construction companies both large and small are now turning to Hoverscape for a safer and cost efficient means of tracking and reporting construction progress. Aerial progress reporting is becoming an essential part of project management, allowing up to date site information to be shared quickly and easily with management, investors, and other key stakeholders.

So why are so many construction companies turning to Hoverscape for their aerial imagery needs? Safety and risk mitigation in the construction industry is paramount, and is our upmost priority for all operations. Being one of Australia’s longest standing qualified, experienced and safety accredited drone operating companies, Hoverscape is dedicated to upholding all safety protocols within both the drone aviation and construction industries, through our strict operating procedures, comprehensive SMS, WHS and SWMS policies.

Launching directly from your construction site, our progress reporting service features specialised drones, equipped with powerful and stable camera systems. To deliver high quality data sets, our drone’s can fly to exact positions and record them for future flights. The ability to lock-in and record the exact position and frame, allows us to return to the same position, days, months or even years later. This makes it easy to analyse images over time, and provides you with high quality photographic sets for accurate record keeping. Images can be used for future marketing purposes, monthly or annual reports, internal presentations and more.

We understand that your time is valuable, which is why your captured content is uploaded onto our online portal within 24 hours. Here, you can preview and download your imagery or share it with colleagues. No longer do you have to compress and transfer images over email or via post. Now, you can simply email your colleagues a personalised clickable web-link, perfect for those overseas or inter-state board members and investors.

If you’re after something that really envisages your project, our advanced processing methods allow your images to be processed into 3D photorealistic maps. The map is conveniently hosted through an online portal, which you can easily share with anyone involved in the project.

The online viewer has many exciting features including a record of all the data sets captured on previous dates. By selecting to view each of these different dated data sets, you can swap between them and monitor change and easily interpret the data with accurate, usable measurements.

Fast, accurate site monitoring and reporting is now achievable for construction companies of all sizes. Keep your staff grounded and benefit from the efficiency of tailored drone solutions, join the bandwagon and streamline your business processes today.

Find out more about how our advanced drone technology solutions can meet your reporting needs. Contact us today on 1300 332 152 or email us at We’d love to talk about your site!

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