Drones, Construction and Business Innovation

Intensifying technology advancements are allowing businesses to work harder, smarter and faster than ever before. So how has technology recently advanced within the construction industry? Read on to find out.

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) are increasingly being utilised to provide valuable insights for businesses operating within the construction industry. Drone technology has advanced well above the original sort out ‘toy’, with advanced drones now equipped with the best chips, cameras and monitors amongst other key features. These enhancements have consequently allowed drone technology to become a key tool on construction sites due to their capabilities, project efficiency and cost-effective attractiveness.

But how? Firstly, as you may know, the planning, architecture, surveying and engineering data are the true building blocks of any construction project. You will be glad to find out that you are now able to fast track the manual process and obtain high quality data using aerial drones. Drones are an intelligent and cost-effective solution for those construction companies looking to obtain this data during the pre-construction and operational phases of a specific project.

For forward thinking construction companies, drones are proving to be useful during the pre-construction phase for several reasons. Thanks to the use of drones, providing accurate and interactive 3D modelling has never been easier and it is allowing companies to fully analyse the scope of their finished project before any construction begins. Imagine the value of presenting your client with 3D imagery of their finished project well in advance.

Moreover, during the operational phase, imagine you are half way through a large-scale construction project and you imperatively need to inspect a welding job on level eight before construction can continue. What are your options? You could hire a crane and send personnel manually inspect the job, or you could use a drone to complete the inspection within minutes. Not only can a drone complete the exact same job in under half the time, but furthermore, drone technology is a great inspection solution due to their ability to look out for and capture tiny details that are bypassed by the human eye which could lead to costly mistakes.

Whether your construction company has a small or large project and is considering 3D modelling, aerial progress reporting or mapping and surveying, you can utilise drone technology as a reliable, cost effective, quality solution.

So, how innovative is your construction company? Drones and the data they provide are a game changer for those innovative, forward thinking construction companies looking to stay ahead of the game. Contact us today on 1300 332 152 or email us at info@hoverscape.com.au to find out how our advanced drone technology solutions can meet your needs.

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