Roof Inspections by drone: The importance of regular inspections

Drones are changing the way we complete roof inspections. We answer some of the most common questions.

Experienced facility managers are now using drones, knowing the importance of inspecting a building’s roof condition at least twice a year to not only extend the life of their roofs, but to ensure that their assets and structure remain protected.

With regular visual inspections along with preventative maintenance, you can be saved from costly repairs and damage to your property’s contents after severe weather events.

How do you inspect a rooftop?

Until very recently, trying to inspect the rooftops of offices, utilities and heritage buildings, was a risky, time-consuming and a costly exercise. You often needed extension ladders, scaffolding or cranes, each carrying their own set of safety risks.

Now, drones are revolutionising the way in which companies and contractors inspect and report on the conditions of their rooftops.

Services using specially designed inspection drones are now allowing detailed inspections while keeping you and your staff safely on the ground.

They offer a faster, safer and more economical way to inspect the rooftops of buildings, with the ability to track assets on an ongoing basis. This allows companies to analyse and identify long-term trends and changes in conditions.

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Hoverscape is one of the longest standing drone companies in Australia, who specialise in Aerial Asset Inspections. They carry specifically designed inspection drones and cameras, and uphold the highest safety standards across all operations.

When should I inspect my rooftop?

You should inspect your rooftop every 6 months, as well as after any major weather events.

Rainfall isn’t the only cause of damage; Falling branches, hail, blockages, and even heat can cause damage. During the summer season when the solar UV radiation is higher, the roof is subjected to high heat and thermal shock due to sudden cooling during summer rains which can stress and weaken the roof over time.

Its best to inspect the condition of your rooftop before the summer season, to ensure it is ready for the ordeal to come, and again after the summer season to inspect it for any repairs that may be required.

Do I have to be on-site for the drone inspection?

Hoverscape currently offers two types of roof inspection services.

If you would like to attend the inspection with the operator, you can view the live video feed using the secondary controller. This allows you to direct the pilot as to where to position the drone and allows you to zoom into areas of concern. Single images and be handed over immediately on site, or online via our online server within 24 hours.

If you are unable to make it to the site for the inspection, our drone operator can conduct a survey of the roof. This survey is then loaded into our inspection portal and is spatially arranged to allow you to survey the roof as if you were viewing an ultra-high-quality satellite image. You can zoom right in close to examine areas of concern and digitally mark these areas to be repaired by a qualified roofing professional.

The post-capture software includes built-in features that allow you to generate an accurate report of all your findings with images and location information. This can be handed to the contractor or roofing professional who will be conducting your repairs and can also be kept on file for insurance and warranty purposes.

To find out more simply contact Hoverscape’s friendly team for an obligation free quote, or download your expert guide to inspections by drones HERE for the top 10 benefits of using drones for

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