Capturing the highest fidelity drone data and giving you

Hoverscape is Australia’s premier drone data provider. We provide you with a deeper knowledge of your assets to empower you to manage them more efficiently.

Data is more effective when it is simple

What are the benefits of higher quality drone data?

Trendspek makes sens of drone inspection data

Integrate with your current inspection process

Cut back on time consuming site visits, and inspect from a simple web browser. Extract even more insight using powerful tools to assess your asset

Capture data of the highest quality

See your digital assets at unprecedented resolution. Harness the power of high quality drone data to deepen your understanding of your portfolio.

Ca[tire Data of Highest Quality using our best equipments
Easily annotate defects of your asset with Trendspek Drone Data

Drone data that anyone can understand

View the data on your asset as it looks in real life. Intuitively add annotation cards to your virtual asset. Find and mitigate risks by filtering annotations by severity. Engage any stakeholder and communicate effectively with quality data that makes sense to everyone.

Identify trends by comparing repeat datasets

Use powerful comparison tools and trend monitoring visualisation to monitor the progress of defects and be more proactive in your maintenance

Trendspek is built for drone operators and asset management
Easy to share information about your inspection data captured by drone

Collaborate more effectively

Utilise powerful chat and messaging features to chat with the right people about the right aspects of your asset. Build a culture of structured and effective communication by sharing your virtual asset with contractors, stakeholders and clients

Hoverscape can deliver you the data and tools you need to

Access to the world’s most advanced
asset inspection platform

See how data captured by Hoverscape and hosted in Trendspek can enhance your understanding of your asset

How Does It Work?

Here is how we deliver the world’s best asset data to you.

Engage Hoverscape to capture industry leading image data of your asset.

Hoverscape will capture imagery using the latest drone technology. Our proven and tested process is fast, safe and economical.

Drone captures infrastructure for inspection and management with Trendspek
The photographic data is processed into a virtual replica of your asset.

UWe create a digital twin at lifelike resolution, to allow you to see every detail of your asset

Upload your asset directly to the Trendspek server and begin inspecting
Conduct thorough and robust inspections of your asset

You can now inspect your asset as if you were on site, right from a web browser. The Trendspek platform contains a powerful suite of tools designed to allow you to analyse your asset, annotate it in detail and start monitoring trends in condition.

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Upload your asset directly to the Trendspek server and begin inspecting

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