Our mission is to challenge convention

with safer, more effective methods.

Trendspek in action asset management

About Us

At Hoverscape, we believe in the use of technology to drive greater value from societies investment in physical structures. Assets and infrastructure require vast investment, financially, physically and environmentally. We have the power to use technology to improve the return on these investments, which is what Hoverscape always aims to do.

We provide asset and infrastructure professionals with the most actionable drone data on the market, by ensuring that data is not just captured, but is presented in the most digestible way possible.

Our Values

Operational Excellence
Customer Commitment
Power to Innovate
Exceptional as One

The Highest Safety Standards in the Industry

We understand: your business has stringent safety standards. The safety of your staff, your buildings and your assets is of paramount importance to you. Hoverscape was built on a discipline of safety. Founded by airline pilots with extensive knowledge of aviation regulations and safety protocols, we operate with stringent safety systems, work practices and a strong culture of safety.

How We Manage Your Safety

CASA certified- Remotely piloted aircraft Operators Certificate (ReOC)
Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved maintenance schedules
Safety Management System (SMS)
Workplace Health and Safety System (WHS)
Greencap CM3 certified to category 2 WHS standards

In-house accredited lead safety auditor
Safe work method statements (SWMS) tailored to your specific sites
Remote Pilots hold construction industry white cards & first aid certificates
Full inventory of PPE including ARC rated clothing